AUDACITY (Freeware) - how to transcode wma files to wav/mp3/flac/...: (wma to wav/mp3/flac converter) Windows/Mac/Linux

i tried several transcoding apps but the best way to convert audio is AUDACITY! It works on Windows/Mac/Linux Platforms.

install the one and only Audacity-Audioeditor (Freeware!) on your computer (ver. 1.3.x recommended for transcoding) from the website: or

download the FFmpeg tool from the website: and install it.

start Audacity and tell the program where you installed the FFmpeg tools. in Audacity versions 1.3.x the mp3 export is already enabled.

simply drag and drop / open the wma file in Audacity. now you can edit/cut/... the file and export it to any common or uncommon audioformat!